requently Asked Questions

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About Privatization

• What is the Air Force Privatization Program?

The Air Force Privatization Program is a government initiative which allows the services to leverage appropriated construction funds and government-owned property to attract private capital to improve military housing. The Air Force Privatization Program offices have planned and implemented the program, policies and procedures for the transition to the private-sector developer.

• How does privatization affect the service that military members receive?

Hunt draw upon their private sector experience to provide first-rate services and amenities to our military families. We pride ourselves in our commitment to customer services and Barksdale Family Housing promises to deliver a product that meets or exceeds the standards in the surrounding community.

• Will military members still have the option to live off-installation?

Yes, military members still have the option use their BAH to rent a house or apartment off base.

• What is the satellite policy for new homes? Existing homes?

Satellites on existing homes, erected prior to the transition to privatized housing will be grandfathered. Satellites on other existing homes and new homes are not allowed without prior written approval from management.

• Are sheds grandfathered in existing homes? Will sheds be allowed in new homes?

Yes, existing sheds are grandfathered. Sheds for new homes are not allowed without prior written approval from the management office.

• Civilians may live on base. Is that not a threat to our security?

Civilians are at the bottom of a long list of those who may live in housing on base if it is not occupied by service men and women. Civilians who reside in housing will first have to go through a security check. Any guests must be escorted from the gate.

About BAH

• How does military housing privatization affect a service member's Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)?

Privatization does not affect the amount of BAH that is paid to the service member. Prior to privatization, service members did not receive BAH if they lived in military housing. Under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, all service members choosing to live in privatized military housing receive their BAH and use the BAH to pay the privatized housing provider. The rent payment (usually equal to BAH) will be automatically transferred to BLBFH, LLC at the end of each month; this process will be performed and monitored by Military Assistance Company, LLC (MAC), the world's largest processor of automatic payroll deductions for military and civil service employees. The BAH is used by the company to maintain and operate the existing housing, as well as to fund the construction of the new houses and amenities.

• Please explain more about the BAH entitlement and rent allotment.

The government determines the service member's BAH based on the cost of similar rental property near the base, typical utilities, his/her rank and the typical cost of Renter's Insurance. An allotment from the service member's account is set up upon lease signing to pay rent.

• Who is going to process the service member's allotment?

Military Assistance Company, LLC (MAC), the world's largest processor of automatic payroll deductions for military, will be processing military personnel allotments. This company is currently processing rent allotments for 40 DoD installations. MAC systems assure payment directly from the service member's pay. When the BAH rates are adjusted annually, MAC will automatically update the allotment amounts; it will be seamless to service members. In addition, MAC's error reports, run at each processing date, will help fix any problems quickly.

• Will BAH be counted as income? Specifically, will it affect the cost of children's day care?

BAH is an entitlement and is not be counted as taxable income. However, it will be included in gross income. Programs based on an individual's gross income may be affected.

• Will the changes affect the service member's LES and net pay?

No. At the end of each month, the service member's LES will show that BAH has been transferred via an allotment equal to the monthly rent. There should be no changes to the service member's net pay.

• How will rent be paid and what does it cover?

Your rent will be automatically paid for you through a third party BAH processor that will work with the DoD Defense Finance Office. Each month you will see the transaction on your Leave and Earnings Statement. The BAH at the with dependent rate is paid as rent. BAH includes an allowance for rent and basic utilities.

• Will rent be based on size of the home or BAH?

Rent is based on BAH. BAH is based on rank, not on the size of the home.

• How will BAH work for families where both parents are military members?

Both members will receive BAH. The senior member will receive it at the with-dependent rate, while the junior member will receive it at the without-dependent rate. Under current Department of Defense rules, only the senior member's BAH at the with-dependent rate will be used to calculate the rent amount, so the family can keep the BAH of the junior member.

• Foreign students do not receive BAH and can not utilize paying by allotment. How will foreign students pay their rent?

Foreign students will pay rent monthly by certified funds. These payments will be made payable to Hunt Communities, LLC.

About Lease Signing

• Please explain more about the lease.

The lease is a standard resident agreement used by all privatized military housing and conventional (civilian) rental properties. Residents are required to sign a lease in order to reside in housing. The lease specifies the rights and responsibilities of resident and Owner The lease also sets the service member's BAH as the rent payment.

• If I am demoted during the lease period, is my rent adjusted to my BAH?

In the event of a demotion, resident will pay the decreased BAH amount for rent, but must notify the management office in writing.

About Services

• Who will be doing service requests for the privatized quarters, and will residents be charged?

The fully bonded maintenance staff will be resolving all service requests for the residents. Residents are never charged for the services. Typically maintenance requests are completed within 24 hours. Residents are not required to be home while the request is being completed.

• Who will provide security to the housing areas?

The perimeter of the base will remain under military control, including all gate access points. The security procedures in place today will remain in effect. The Police and Fire services will remain the responsibility of the Installation and is paid for by the project.

• Will garbage be picked up?

Yes. Barksdale Family Housing will be responsible for trash pickup and recycling at no additional cost to the resident.

• Will I still have to mow my lawn?

Landscape maintenance will be provided in the family housing common areas and in the yards of all residences excluding fenced in areas in order to keep consistency throughout the family housing areas. The lawn inside the fence area and your flowerbeds are your responsibility and should be kept neat in appearance. Residents are encouraged to make additions to their gardens for their own gardening pleasure. Lawn maintenance services, including mowing, edging and leaf removal, will be provided by BLBFH on a designated schedule. Lawn maintenance will include all areas outside the boundary of any housing area fences. However, the areas must be fully accessible to receive services. Residents will be responsible for maintaining all inaccessible areas inside of fences in accordance with these Guidelines. Fencing will be removed in the event that lawn maintenance is not performed to required standards.

• How do I contact Maintenance if I have a service order?

Barksdale Family Housing provides a 24-hour a day service line. You will talk to a real person to provide the details about your maintenance service request. Barksdale Family Housing will even take care of your request if you cannot take time off from your busy schedule to be in your home.

About Resident Guidelines

• What changes have occurred in housing rules?

The Resident Guidelines are available here. Please review the guidelines, and contact us with any questions about the policies.

• What is the pet policy?

Residents will be limited to two pets (dog, cat, bird, or fish aquarium). Pets that weigh more than 100 pounds will not be accepted and certain breeds of dogs are not allowed, including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers. Please refer to the Resident Guidelines and the Lease for additional information.

• What are the requirements for vacating quarters?

30-day prior to your lease expiration date, written notice is required before vacating quarters and should be given at your management office as soon as you are aware of your moving arrangements.

• What will it cost me to move in?

On move-in day, Active Duty will pay nothing. Depending on the DFAS/MAC cut off you will pay on the first of the following move-in month via check/money order/allotment. Example: If you move in on 4 September 2012 we will pull September’s prorated rent via allotment on 30 September. If you move in on 25 September you will need to pay us via check/money order by 1 October and your allotment will begin to pull on 15 October. 15 October and 31 October will pay for the month of October. This will continue for the duration of your stay with us.

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